Updated June 26, 2022

Vietnam is a land of beauty, spirituality, and vibrant culture. Being right alongside so many different Asian cultures has led to a unique cultivation that is distinctly Vietnamese. The language of Vietnamese being a tonal language can often be difficult to learn if you haven’t been taught from the very beginning. But if you’re here to celebrate your heritage and share this culture with baby by choosing a Vietnamese baby girl or baby boy name, then you know exactly what pitfalls to watch out for!

This land is comprised of people from all different styles of living, creating an environment totally unique. With so much rich cultural history it’s no surprise that you’re wanting to choose a Vietnamese name for baby to give them ties to their ancestry. These names are strong and diverse and enable families to pull in the heritage that makes them so beautiful.

Vietnamese girl names like Lang or Minh show off the beauty in simplicity that is essential to Vietnamese names. On the flip side, Giang and An Dung are lovely examples of the brilliant Vietnamese boy names to give to your little boy. But if you’re in the market for a gender neutral name to tie in your heritage, gorgeous contenders like Quang, Xuan, and Hue could absolutely scratch that itch.

Baby names from Vietnam are a wonderful way to pay homage to your ancestors and look forward to the future with your culture in mind. With the diverse range epitomizing the beauty in simplicity, you’ll find the ideal Vietnamese name for baby in no time.

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