Other Origin(s):Egyptian, Indian, Uncertain
Meaning:Tender; Girl; Primeval waters
Don’t be fooled by short and sweet Nu—this uplifting appellation comes replete with different meanings. As a Burmese name, Nu is gifted to boys and girls. In Burmese culture, parents choose names inspired by the astrological calendar, wishes of success, nature, and desirable qualities—to name a few. With its loving meaning, “tender,” Nu aptly suits the little angel who gives the best hugs. Nu is also a Vietnamese name meaning “girl,” and in Hindi, Nu is given to boys with the endearments “God” and “praise.” As an Egyptian title, Nu is steeped in mystical origins as a form of Nun, borne by the oldest ancient Egyptian god. Meaning “primeval waters,” Nun embodied the waters of chaos from which creation began. A worldly title that spans the dawn of time, Nu is a worthy choice.

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