Updated July 03, 2022

Looking for a Norwegian name for the precious new babe? We don’t blame you! There are still so many influences of Norse culture reflected around the world today, why not use that culture as an inspiration for baby? Norwegian baby girl and baby boy names are just as remarkable as their homeland and are the perfect place for you and baby to start.

If you’ve ever been to Norway or even just seen photos, you’ll know it’s one of the most beautiful countries to be found in the northern hemisphere. Nicknamed “Land of the Midnight Sun” and with the Northern Lights being a claim to fame, you can just imagine the dramatic views that inspired the Norwegian tradition to carry on. That tradition has influenced art, music, literature, and — luckily for us — epic Norwegian names that will always be timeless.

Norwegian boy names can be found in the dozens. There is a long tradition of strength that is historically proliferated through the hundreds of baby boy names. By reading through the descriptions you’ll find yourself with so many options. But don’t worry, there are plenty of fierce names for your Norwegian baby girl, too.

Norwegian influence is spread way further than you might initially think, which makes it the perfect place to start. This culture has impacted so many others and with that we’ve gained so many names to honor the beautiful land of Norway and now you and baby can, too.