Updated May 12, 2022

Africa is a massive continent; to say baby’s name is African is a pretty general statement. But like our American Baby Names list, what’s important is valuing all the different cultures that make each country — or even a continent — what it is. These African names are full of meaning that can harken back to your heritage, no matter how distant or near.

To choose an African name for baby is to appreciate the culture it came from. And luckily for us, some of these names are becoming popularized more in media—like Chidi from “The Good Place”—which is helping to shed light on the huge array of names that deserve to be more widely appreciated. African names are unique and beautiful and baby is sure to be remembered with a gorgeous name like Kesia or Umi.

But overall, the diverse range is everything with these African names. Africa is one of the most diverse continents in the world when it comes to the sheer volume of languages spoken. With over 1,500 estimated languages spoken in Africa, it’s safe to say there are a lot of names to choose from. Try saying the names out loud and reading through descriptions to find what names mean the most to you and you’ll be sure to find a beautiful African name for baby in no time.