Meaning:It is pleasant to be wealthy; Money is good to have
Spread the wealth to baby with this incredible name! Owodunni is a masculine moniker of Yoruban origin. Steeped in culture, the Yoruban people are predominantly based in West African countries like Nigeria, Togo, and Benin. The Yorbuan culture was originally founded on an oral tradition, and today there are around 30 million Yoruban speakers. With a name like this, baby is sure to feel this tradition carried on every time they hear their name. Owodunni means “it is pleasant to be wealthy” and “money is good to have,” made up of the elements owó, meaning “money;” dùn, meaning “sweet;” and , meaning “have.” Whatever way you interpret this meaning and whatever wealth means to you, this name will set baby up for a life of prosperity and abundance.
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