By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
Whether this is your first or your seventh addition to your family, you’re undoubtedly experiencing waves of gratefulness. If they’re arriving around the time of Thanksgiving, then you can consider this sweet trick of fate as the perfect naming opportunity! These festive baby girl, boy, and gender-neutral names call upon the warmth of the harvest, farming, and thankfulness from past generations and onward in just a few letters.

Thanksgiving Baby Boy Names

Thanksgiving baby boy names highlight the classic values of thankfulness and appreciation for the simple joys of living with a full belly and warm house. Their definitions vary from totally transparent with “pilgrim” to lovingly symbolic with “beloved.” With one of these festive baby boy names your little man will be reminded of your values on more than just Thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving Baby Girl Names

Perhaps the most beautiful part of the tradition of Thanksgiving is celebrating the combination of cultures and families for generations over, and the same is true for Thanksgiving baby girl names! These names take all cultures into consideration, from North America to Africa to Europe and beyond! Give baby a vital piece of her heritage with a festive baby girl name.

Popular Thanksgiving Baby Names

Gratitude should definitely be a more popular facet of life! By choosing a festive baby name to commemorate baby’s arrival and the wonderful spirit alive with the season, you’ll help baby feel thankful every day.

Unique Thanksgiving Baby Names

Choosing a baby name to highlight Thanksgiving is a unique enough concept to begin with, but why not go further down that path with a specifically unique Thanksgiving baby name? These fun names come from all the cultures that make America the beautiful melting pot it is with definitions highlighting gratitude with every letter.

Vintage Thanksgiving Baby Names

Thanksgiving is about as vintage as holidays get when it comes to festivity in America. Though the history surrounding it all isn’t purely good-natured, the holiday these days is all about gratitude and spending time with your loved ones. Highlight these values year-round with a vintage Thanksgiving baby name!

Soft Thanksgiving Baby Names

If you could bottle the feeling of the post-feast nap for life, it would look something like a soft Thanksgiving baby name. These sweet selections are plucked from the world over and come packed with cozy connotations to hold close for a lifetime.
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