Other Origin(s):Roman
Meaning:one who dwells by the pear tree; traveler, pilgrim
Perry is a masculine name with unusual roots that combine to paint a picture of an explorative soul. First recorded in the 16th century, Perry seems to be primarily a variant of the Old English pyrige, referring to "one who dwells near the pear tree." A uniquely specific title, Perry embraces the early cultivation of the tender fruit in British history during this period. Abandoned by the Romans, the pear had grown feral and bitter but, under the care of innovative foragers, would find a new lease of life as a pleasant wine. By the 17th-century, the newly transformed pear became a favorite among the gentry. Overseas, the first pear tree was planted in 1620, shortly after the arrival of the Pilgrims—forever linking Perry to the Latin Peregrine, meaning "traveler" or "pilgrim."

Famous People Named Perry

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  • Katy Perry
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