Meaning:Pledge of peace, God's peace; District; Traveler
Jeffrey is traditionally a masculine name deriving from German and English origin. The name translates to "pledge of peace" or "God's peace" in English. In German, it means "district" or "traveler" and is a twist on the variant, "Geoffrey." Jeffrey became a family favorite in homes from the mid-1950s to the late 70s. Although it’s lost some fame since then, this name is ready to be back with a vengeance. You can thank an abundance of famous Jeffreys and Jeffs for this revival. One day, baby will no doubt be added to the claims-to-fame this name will have.

Famous People Named Jeffrey

Wondering who else shares this name? Check out these well known people who made this baby name famous.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    TV Actor
  • Jeffrey Donovan
  • Jeffrey Hawkins
  • Jeffrey Williams
    Fashion Designer
  • Jeffrey Wright
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