Other Origin(s):German, Irish, Norse
Meaning:Deer friend; Friend of the deer; God's spear
Oskar is a masculine name with plenty of roots and meanings for baby to use as inspiration. It acts like a Swiss, German, and Scandinavian spelling for the name Oscar, making for a fun, cultural spin on a classic moniker. Because Switzerland has strong connections with its close neighbor Germany, and has strong trading partnerships with various Scandinavian countries, you’ll find plenty of influence in Swiss names like Oskar. Switzerland also has a history of Celtic tribes settling in the country, adding a plenty of Irish influence. Thanks to its Old Irish roots, it translates to “deer friend” or “friend of the deer” and is a lovely way to help baby connect to the natural world. The deer can represent so many different things, from grace and gentleness to speed and strength, giving your little fawn plenty of inspiration. Oskar can also come from the Old Norse name Ásgeirr, meaning “god’s spear.” Whether your little one’s preferred weapon is their spear or their antlers, the name Oskar is sure to give them a fighting spirit from the start.
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