Updated May 22, 2022

Ramadan is a special month of the Islamic calendar. A time of fasting, introspection, prayer, and revisiting the Qur’an is a time precious to the Muslim community. If you’re one of the lucky ones to welcome baby into your life during Ramadan, then you’re no doubt looking for a name to celebrate this fact every day!

Muslim baby names have a wide range of meanings and depth, plucked from the pages of history and representing core values. The chance to name baby something that honors your faith should be cherished! Narrowing down the heady choice of all Muslim baby names to names that embody the spirit of Ramadan can help make such an important choice feel a little less overwhelming.

With Ramadan baby names meaning anything from “lucky” and “radiance” to “crusher of evil” and “victorious,” you’ll still have a wide range to choose from. Bringing up baby in Islam, giving them the chance to become their own person in the world while still offering a helping hand, is an opportunity most Muslim parents would never want to miss.

No matter what time of the year baby is born, they’ll be cherished. But to be born during Ramadan is a special treat that can be highlighted every day with a Ramadan baby name. Whether baby lives by the moon for one month of the year or every day, they’ll always have their name to remind them to look inward and to the Qur’an for guidance.