Reshma Joly
Content Writer
  • Reshma pens the meanings of baby names for The Bump.
  • She holds a Master’s of Race, Ethnicity and Conflict and a bachelor’s in sociology and history.
  • She is from Kerala — otherwise known as God’s own country — and came to Ireland as a student at Trinity College Dublin.

Nerine is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It’s inspired by the Nereids or the sea-nymphs of Greek mythology who symbolized everything beautiful and kind about the sea, even protecting sailors and their ships. A type of flower was also named Nerine after it was washed ashore from a shipwreck. So if you live by the sea, naming baby Nerine is a way to keep the sea-nymphs in good graces and have them look out for your child. It is also a beautiful way to encourage your little one to embody all the good that their namesake represents.

At The Bump, Reshma channels her love of history to trace the origins of each name. She willingly goes down rabbit holes of research to help expecting parents make the right choice for their little ones. Particularly, Indian names are a strength of hers as she is familiar with the languages and culture. Beyond baby names, her passion for writing and reading is only rivaled by her round-the-clock interest in food!

From India to Germany and from Israel to Ireland, Reshma’s education has taken her places. While she completed a four-year liberal arts degree in India, she was also sent by her university for a semester exchange to Germany and a summer school in Israel. She was also invited to discuss a paper she wrote at a conference in the Netherlands. In 2020, she was accepted into Trinity College Dublin for her master’s, and she lists the prestigious graduation ceremony in 2022 to be one of her top five moments in life!

Reshma has experience in many different areas, from museums, media and, chocolatiers to retail, sport, and hospitality. This range contributes to the work she does curating, managing, and creating content. She has also written and published two books and has her eyes set on more.