Meaning:Greatness; Power; Lofty, towering; Small; Fern; Rose
Wei is a masculine name of Chinese origin that can have different meanings depending on which characters are used to write it. Some of its most popular meanings are “greatness” and “power,” which, in time, can fit baby to a tee. Your little one is going to be rich with potential when they join your family, and this meaning can always encourage them to strive for the greatness that awaits them. Matching that potential, Wei can also mean “lofty” or “towering” and can be a great choice if you can imagine baby as someone for others to look up to. On the other side, Wei’s other meaning of “small” can celebrate your little one’s adorable start to life throughout each growing stage of their life. For a more nature-themed name, Wei can also translate to “fern” or “rose.” If you want to give baby a versatile name that reflects their future growth and success, Wei is sure to do the trick.
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