Other Origin(s):British, French
Meaning:Fragrant; Beautiful; Winged; Fly; Swift; To dance in the air; Fairy; Loyalty; Belief
Fei is a gender-neutral name of Chinese origin that can have a variety of meanings, depending on which characters are used to write it. Two of its translations are “fragrant” and “beautiful,” and is a lovely choice to show off baby’s dazzling looks and bright spirit. For a light, airy aesthetic, this short and sweet moniker has plenty of elevated meanings, including “winged,” “fly,” “swift,” and “to dance in the air.” Baby is going to have so many opportunities to spread their wings and reach the highest of heights, and a name like Fei will always remind them of that. If you want a more mystical touch, the name can fly high with Fei’s Middle English translation of “fairy,” further encouraging your little one to keep the air under their wings. Thanks to its Old French roots, Fei might also mean “loyalty” and “belief”. If you want to help baby stay true to the people they love and their unique, fairy-like self, the name Fei is sure to raise their confidence.

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