Other Origin(s):Korean, Taiwanese
Meaning:Sulfur; Yellow; Hwang clan
The name Hwang is one with major lasting-power. It's mostly commonly known as a historical surname, and can be found in Taiwan, Korea, and China—the last two being and , respectively. Interestingly, this name has related definitions across cultures that make it a little easy to see its etymological tree. It means “yellow,” which is a sunny connotation, of course; however, it also means “sulfur,” which is known for it's pale yellow color. Its further connection to the Hwang clans is a little harder to find, but it's possible prior to the early clans conception that the people discovered the many unique uses of sulfur, resulting in a tradesname related to it. Connections across cultures and centuries aside, the Hwang clans began with a Chinese emissary, named Hwang Nak, who went on a mission to Vietnam. He was forced ashore due to rough seas in a county in Korea, and eventually he would settle there in 2 ACE.

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