Meaning:Long necked; Beautiful neck
Murna is a girl’s name of Old Irish origin. Derived from muireann, it can be translated as “long-necked” or “beautiful neck.” In Irish mythology, Muirne is associated with the mother of the gallant hero, Fionn mac Cumhail. The story goes that she was so beautiful that she had many suitors asking for her hand. But her father foresaw losses if she were to marry and refused all proposals. Undeterred, the leader of a small warrior band abducted her and paid the ultimate price in the battle that followed. By then, Muirne became pregnant, and her father rejected her. She gives birth to Fionn, whom she leaves in the care of a warrior woman in the forest, and goes on to marry a local king. This story is not a story of abandonment, it’s a story of a woman who persevered, even though circumstances were never in her favor. If you’d like your child to have that same spirit towards life, this is an absolutely perfect name.
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