Updated August 12, 2021

Are you as obsessed with Ted Lasso as we are? I mean, honestly, who isn’t? Everything about this show leads an audience member to feel uplifted after every episode. With so many beautiful scenes and metaphors to inspire you, it’s no wonder you’re looking for Ted Lasso inspired baby girl and baby boy names for your sweet one on the way.

We’re on the edges of our seats waiting for season 2 to finish rolling out, so in the meantime, we’d love to highlight our favorite characters from season 1. For the parent who wants baby to lead their life with optimism and kindness, you can imagine why Ted should be at the top of the list for baby boy names. Or for the parent who wants to highlight unabashed strength and overcoming people’s underestimations every time, consider Keely, for your fierce and funny baby girl.

Each of the Ted Lasso characters went through a narrative arc that impacted the overall outcome of the show, highlighting the team effort in everything, not just soccer — oops, football. Through witnessing their growth, it lets a viewer become introspective about their own journey, and all of this is coming from about 30 minutes an episode.

The power of a name on a jersey is akin to the power of saying baby’s name; each has their own epic story to tell and one that deserves to be discovered. By letting a show like Ted Lasso uplift the spirits and impact the way you think day to day, you’ll be teaching baby all about discovering their own path. And… one day, we’ll find out Coach Beard’s real name, but until then, have fun trying out your favorites from the names we do know and love from Ted Lasso.

Explore 15 Baby Girl and Boy Names We Love From Ted Lasso
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  • Henry
  • Nathan
  • Rebecca
  • Michelle
  • Jamie
  • Leslie
  • Mae
  • Roy
  • Sam
  • Dani
  • Trent
  • Sharon
  • Keeley
  • Ted
  • Flo
  • What You Might Not Have Known About Creating Ted Lasso

    The character Ted Lasso was originally written for Jason Sudeikis to play in a series of commercials for NBC when they were announcing they would be covering the English Premier League. But this Ted was initially a far cry from the Ted we now know and love with the TV series. In the end, NBC created two commercials that subtly highlighted a bit of his humbling already. This endearing character appeared to have morphed between commercials and was showing those inklings of unfailing optimism by commercial two. All of this led Jason Sudeikis to believe there was more to be discovered with this character, and so it became the Ted Lasso that millions have adored.

    Did You Recognize a Certain Someone From the Commercials?

    Not only was Jason Sudeikis the star of these commercials, but the perfectly strange Coach Beard was already there to create that dynamic duo. Coach Beard serves as the coach that knows the facts and figures all the while being the unrelenting best friend who simply knows Ted Lasso best. Coach Beard’s journey, though definitively elusive with the random pieces of information we’re slowly made privy to, seems to have remained mostly the same since the commercials in 2013 and 2014. But, just like Ted, we are ready to hear whatever Coach Beard has to say when he wants to say it.