Other Origin(s):Latin, Slavic
Semele is a girl's name of Greek, Slavic, Lithuanian, and Latin origin, all meaning “earth.” In Greek mythology, Semele was a mortal princess of Thebes, daughter of the hero Cadmus and Harmonia, and often referred to as “the goddess of the earth.” In some myths, she was a priestess of Zeus and caught the god's attention after sacrificing a bull in his honor. They conceived Dionysus, but before he could be born, Semele was tricked by Hera into asking to see Zeus's power. Mortals couldn't see Zeus's true form without bursting into flames, but he was forced to comply and so Semele perished. Zeus saved Dionysus by sewing him into his thigh, and he was born several months later. Dionysus, who became the Greek god of winemaking, festivals, fertility, and insanity, among other things, was able to save Semele from the Underworld and brought her to Mount Olympus, where she became the goddess Thyone. With this name, baby can take inspiration from Semele's inner strength and learn from Hera's trickery to always trust their own mind.
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