Other Origin(s):Latin
Meaning:To secure with rings, hoop around
If baby’s magic has already cast a spell on you, you may find yourself seriously considering Circe. An enchanting feminine name of Greek origin, Circe is a title borne by the goddess of sorcery, who was renowned for her expertise in transmutation, potions, necromancy, and illusion. Circe is the Latin spelling of Kirke, from the verb kirkoô, meaning “to secure with rings” or “hoop around.” This refers to the binding power of magic and makes the perfect crown if baby is drawn to witchcraft and wizardry. In Greek mythology, Circe lived on the mythical island Aeaea and transformed Odysseus' crew into pigs—a classic badass enchantress move. Mesmeric in its origin and elocution, Circe is ideal for the magical little being coming to bewitch the world.
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