Other Origin(s):British, French, Latin
Meaning:Cherry, cherry-colored; Grace, kindness
If baby’s rosy cheeks give a whole new meaning to the color red, you may have plucked the perfect cherry with this one. Charisse is a feminine name steeped in Anglo-French, Latin, and Greek origins, with a dash of mythological wonder. As an Anglo-French name, Charisse comes from the Latin ceresia, derived from the Greek word kerasian, meaning “cherry” and “cherry-colored.” Charisse is also a form of Charis, a name borne by one of the Charites in Greek mythology, meaning “grace” and “kindness.” The Charites are goddesses of beauty, nature, charm, and creativity—qualities baby will undoubtedly embody. Drenched in antiquity and magic, Charisse is ideal for a cherry-cheeked sprite like baby.
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