Meaning:Greek hero; He who has the people distressed; He whose people have distress
At first glance, even the lesser Greek mythology enthusiast will know Achillea to be an offshoot of Achilles. This Greek hero is said to be the greatest of all warriors and plays a central role in the ancient epics. His name is a combination of achos meaning “distress” and laos meaning “people” which put together, reads as “he who has the people distressed” or “he whose people have distress.” His role as the hero of grief or distress is an ironic juxtaposition with the conventional view of him as a hero. But that is ultimately the beauty of this name, that even through the darkest of times, baby will be inspired to pull through and rise to the occasion. Achillea is also a genus of flowering plants, commonly known as yarrows, and named like so for it's believed to have been used by Achilles and his soldiers to treat battle wounds. So, the moniker serves as a reminder for your little one to rest and recuperate in order to fight well and to fight at all.

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