Updated June 26, 2022

Water makes up 71% of Earth’s surface. From lakes to vast oceans to the babbling brook in the mountainside, water is a global treasure. Embracing the natural world and the planet’s lifeblood can be done as easily as choosing a water baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name.

Just like bodies of water differ, so do water baby names! Name names like Inna and Calder come from the rushing torrent of rivers and the thrill of white water rafting. But from more peaceful flows come names like Maleia or Brenne. Giving baby the lesson of being malleable but consistent—like water—can be tricky; wrapping your head around flexibility and maintaining perseverance is never an easy task! But you can start this lesson with their namesake and roll from there.

Water baby names are global. As one of the world’s most precious resources, these names are imbued with longevity and beauty in equal measure. Whether you’re paying homage to the lakes you grew up around or choosing a Greek mythology tribute, water baby names come from all over the map, just like their gorgeous little bearers.

Water Baby Names
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