Other Origin(s):British, German, Hebrew, Latin
Meaning:Tussock; From the grassy mound; Small, humble; Star of the sea; Bitterness; Exalted one; Beloved; Wished for child
Poll is a gender-neutral name with plenty of roots and meanings to inspire your little one. Coming from the Dutch name Pol, it can translate to “tussock” or “from the grassy mound,” making it a short, sweet choice to encourage baby’s earthy spirit. As a respelling of the Latin name Paul, Poll can also mean “small” or “humble,” always reminding your little one of their small stature and innocence during their youth. If you want a twist on a classic name, Poll also serves as a short version of Polly, an English nickname for the Hebrew name Mary. This gives it a variety of translations, including “star of the sea,” “bitterness,” “exalted one,” “beloved,” and “wished-for child.” Whether baby grows to have a love for the sea, a sharp, acerbic wit, or an elevated spirit, the name Poll will remind them that you’ll love them no matter where their destiny goes.
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