Updated May 22, 2022

Every parent can agree that helping baby to grow is the ultimate goal. Enabling baby to thrive in the space you provide for them is only a little more complicated than caring for your actual plant babies. But this list isn’t meant for your succulents! Botanical and plant names for baby girls and boys are all about giving baby their inner source of sunshine to snack on every day.

Since we, unfortunately, can’t photosynthesize like our leafy muses, picking names that give baby energy is a good compromise. Plant baby names can be as obvious or as subtle as you like—the world is your oyster! Or, instead, the world is your densely forested playground. Either way, gorgeous plant names like Hazel and Olive are here to see your dreams come to life. But on the other end of the spectrum, there are plant names like Hurst and Jarrah that bring in that mean, green energy like a powerful secret.

But what has to be one of the best things about botanical and plant names is the fact that, because they belong to plants, these names can be any gender you like! They might not all be technically gender-neutral, but any of these names could be tailor-made for baby, no matter how they identify! Ash and Perrie are just two gender-neutral plant names, and they’re in great company.

The versatility combined with the pure energy of botanical and plant names is nearly unmatched. By choosing one of these for baby, you’re choosing to give them a fresh and pure spirit to use to take on the world.

Botanical & Plant Baby Names
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