Updated May 12, 2022

Today’s hippies are truly a sight to behold. Millennials and Gen Z-ers are full of advocates, activists, and thoughtful people that are becoming parents. With all these values in your daily life, it’s no surprise that you’re looking for a name that represents them to help baby along this path, too. Choosing a green baby girl or baby boy name will enable you to teach your values to baby from day one.

Green names are all about influences from your favorite things in life. Simply put, loving your natural surroundings makes sense! Being outside makes you feel like you can breathe deeper and take your time. Protecting that feeling while giving it to baby simultaneously can be done in a snap by choosing a name that appreciates the nature and world around them.

The trees, the fields, and all things natural have inspired these green names for baby. They come from places all over the world and will help you and baby capitalize on the future you want to build together. Green names are all about growth and aiding baby on their way to flourishing on a planet that we’ve helped to do the same.

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