Other Origin(s):Celtic, Greek, Italian
Meaning:Strong, courageous, valiant; Watered by dew
The oh-so-posh Drusilla is a Roman feminine name with Greek, Latin, and Celtic origins. For the heroic tot with an elegant air, Drusilla means “strong,” “courageous,” and “valiant.” From the Latin Drusus, Drusilla’s roots stretch deeper through history to the Old Celtic Drausus. If you feel Drusilla gives evil step-sister vibes, this graceful appellation is not to be confused with Cinderella’s Drizilla. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fans will know Drusilla as the badass, femme-fatale vampire who captured the heart of bad boy Spike. Drusilla is also a biblical name borne by the daughter of Herod Agrippa I and the wife of Felix, who was renowned for her beauty. Drusilla’s biblical meaning is “watered by dew,” painting the image of a lovely meadow with the early morning sparkle among the grass.
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