Updated May 22, 2022

Getting to the point where a baby will be with you for life is no easy feat. Rainbow babies are something extraordinary. These babies are the darlings born after miscarriages, stillbirths, or other losses. When a parent is tirelessly trying to welcome baby into their life, and things have been hard, it can be easy to feel hopeless. But, when it’s finally time, your rainbow baby will arrive. To mark their arrival, rainbow baby girl and boy names are here just for them.

Rainbow baby names embody the relentless hope and tireless love you feel for each baby. The definitions are what make these names suitable for your little miracle. Rainbow baby girl names are often beautiful selections like Faith or Hope. But don’t forget about names like Zita and Ellender, which will welcome baby in the sweetest way possible while still holding onto some uniqueness. But if you’re looking for rainbow baby boy names that shine like the ray of hope he is, choices like Benedict and Dillon could be the perfect match.

No matter what, your little sprout is here. They’re going to blossom and thrive because of your love for them. Picking names to represent this growth, like Ankur and Aviva, will remind baby that flourishing is always at their fingertips. These names teach baby about the perseverance they have bubbling up inside them from day one.

You and baby both deserve to have hope, every day. Rainbow baby names will remind you of where you’ve been and how you will always find the strength you need inside yourself. Commemorating what you’ve overcome while simultaneously celebrating what life has in store for you is a wonderful, but difficult, task. Choosing a rainbow baby name will help you do exactly that and hopefully make it a little easier to do, too.

Rainbow Baby Names
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