Meaning:Lady of the lake, water queen; Lightning, flash, glow
If you’re searching for an elemental name for your little sprite, look no further than Uira. This feminine title is Brazilian and Maori in origin, offering a host of cool meanings for baby to carry. As a Brazilian name, Uira is a form of Yara and Iara and is closely tied to Tupi and Guaraní mythology. Meaning “lady of the lake” and “water queen,” Uira is an immortal mermaid or siren who lives in fresh water. She would sing to lure men and live happily with them underwater until they passed away. Although sometimes they’re described as slaying the men they captured. Uira is also a word in Maori with several bright meanings, including “lightning,” “flash,” and “glow.” Whether drawn to the whimsical water vibes of Uira or its luminous Maori roots, there’s no denying its ethereal flow as a gentle name of the elements.

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