Meaning:famous spearman
First making its mark in the English language as the French-inspired Rogier, Roger is a German masculine name that packs a powerful punch. The name is forged from the German elements hrod, meaning "fame" and ger, "spear," imbuing it with the striking translation "famous spearman." Boasting a polished sound, Roger is a modern take on the Anglo-Saxon Hrōðgār, which some may recognize from the epic poem Beowulf. A semi-legendary 6th century Danish King, Hrōðgār is depicted in the Old English poem as a brave, wise, and generous ruler. As an homage to a great leader which "no man could fault," Roger is a fine title fit for a sharp mind and a straight shooter.

Famous People Named Roger

Wondering who else shares this name? Check out these well known people who made this baby name famous.
  • Roger Clemens
    Baseball Player
  • Roger Daltrey
  • Roger Federer
    Tennis Player
  • Roger Maris
    Baseball Player
  • Roger Miller
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