Meaning:Child of the sea; Big mountain
Embark on a journey to the Scottish highlands with the gender-neutral name, Morven. Rooted in the Scottish Gaelic name, a' Mhór Bheinn, it is the moniker of the Morven mountain in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Morven even found its way into one of Lord Byron's poems, When I Roved a Young Highlander, where he reminisces about childhood adventures in this captivating area. Breaking down the name, Beinn, a common Gaelic term for mountain, traces its origins to the Old Irish benn, meaning "peak," while mór signifies "big." However, delving into the unique meaning of Morven as a name unveils its connection to the Irish word bairn, meaning "child," and mhorbhairne, giving us the charming interpretation of "child of the sea." As your little Morven sets sail with a name echoing Scottish heritage and the lyrical beauty of the Gaelic language, may their journey through life be as enchanting and timeless as the Scottish highlands themselves.
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