Updated June 26, 2022

Black holes and supernovas and constellations—oh my! Outer space isn’t quite as great a mystery as the Earth’s oceans, but it still is a wondrous beast, housing the galaxy’s secrets. People, and likely plenty of other living things, have spent millennia looking to the sky with the intention of unveiling the unfathomable. If this curiosity is something you intend to nurture throughout baby’s life, then a baby girl or boy name inspired by outer space could kickstart that journey.

Constellation baby names often look quite similar to Greek baby names; the mythos of these ancient people are tied into each age of discovery. From Cassiopeia and Orion to Achilles and Herakles, the legends recorded in the silent abyss will be there for baby as muses all throughout their life. But the shapes in the stars aren’t the only intrigues when it comes to outer space baby names!

Luckily for us, astronomy baby names and planetary baby names are joining the out-of-this-world party, too. Names like Taurus and Leo and plenty of others have baby’s zodiac needs covered. But interpreting the task of a space baby name even more literally, Mercury, Jupiter, and other celestial bodies are here for the taking, too.

The universe is massive and prehistoric, giving you and baby the widest breadth of information and mystery—in equal measure—to guide your learning throughout an entire lifetime and then some. But if the entirety of space is a little too overwhelming, Carl Sagan and, his biggest fan and another famous astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson happily join the ranks of space baby names to remind you of the educational journey you’re about to embark on.

Baby Names Inspired by Outer Space
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