Updated May 08, 2022

There are few things you can really be certain of when starting a new journey as a parent. But, one thing we all know is that baby is going to be the coolest person we know. Growing up in an age that strives for individualism, creativity, and hard work can be tough, but if anyone can do it it’ll be baby. But giving some encouragement never hurt anyone, so these 50 fire names for baby girls and baby boys will have you inspired faster than you can say “fire!”

When fire is the muse, it’s no wonder that these names come from all over the world and our history’s timeline. Though the cave people didn’t write down their names from a million years ago, we still have them to thank for the dazzling fire we’re still inspired by today. Fire names can range from names that literally mean fire to names that call upon the sun and are imbued with its star-power.

Because these names come from all throughout history, the fire name styles vary and give an alluring array to choose from. However, something that might be easy to take for granted is that these names connect us from all over the world. Centuries ago people were still in awe of fire and its, often wicked, beauty, and centuries in the future we’re sure it’ll be the same! As far as unifying qualities go, we think this one is a pretty cool connection. So if you’re ready to feed that fire in baby’s belly and the light in their eyes while still giving them a connection to those around them, choosing a fire name is an excellent first step.

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