By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024

Feel like you might have a badass on your hands? Though you might not know everything about baby yet, you’re bound to have a kid that breaks the mold. Baby is going to be a person who thinks outside the box. They’ll be a mastermind, a creative, or anything they hope to be, and they need a name to match those endless possibilities. By starting with your favorites from this list of badass baby girl, boy, and gender-neutral names, you’ll have the perfect choice picked for your mini renegade in no time.

Badass Baby Boy Names

Badass boy names are in the multitudes. With a name calling for the skies like Orion and Helios or just wishing for something quintessentially unique like Orson or Bowie, your little boy will have a badass name matching his potential. There are so many names to choose from, but it’s definitely the best kind of difficult choice.

Badass Baby Girl Names

If you’re bound to have a little troublemaker or, at the very least, a new little boss in your life, badass girl names are a one-stop shop. Whether you take your influences from goddesses who are well-known powerhouses like Andromeda or Artemis, or you just want to pave the way for your force of nature with a name like Tempest or Storm, this list has you covered.

Popular Badass Baby Names

Naturally, there are hundreds of parents looking to ride the waves of the trends while holding onto the singularity of a little bit of badassery. The most popular badass names take influence from nature, history, and fiction all in one fell swoop. If you plan to introduce baby to each of these facets throughout life, look no further!

Unique Badass Baby Names

From storms to superstars, the most unique badass baby names offer a wide variety of muses to fall for. Remind baby of Greek mythology, comic books, or even your favorite opera every day with some of these powerful and unique choices.

Nature-Inspired Badass Baby Names

From the moon in the sky to the trees overlooking the banks below, nature-inspired badass baby names are easy to come by. But not only is there inspiration from the untameable children of mother nature, there are also sweet little songbirds and the fruits of the trees that help out a parent! Consider anything from Wren to Olive or River to Cedar for the perfect nature-inspired name.
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