Updated May 12, 2022

Feel like you might have a badass on your hands? We think so, too. We might not know everything about baby yet, but we’re sure that because they’ll be raised by you, they’re definitely going to be a kid that breaks the mold. Badass baby girl and baby boy names are always easy choices for the parent who knows they have a rebel on their hands.

If you’re bound to have a little trouble maker or, at the very least, a new little boss in your life badass girl names are a one stop shop. Whether you take your influences from goddesses who are well known powerhouses like Andromeda or Artemis, or you just want to pave the way for your force of nature with a name like Tempest or Storm, this list has you covered.

Badass boy names are also in the multitudes. With a name calling for the skies like Orion and Helios or just wishing for something quintessentially unique like Orson or Bowie, your little boy will have a badass name that matches his potential. There are so many names to choose from but we think it’s the best kind of difficult choice.

Baby is going to be a person who thinks outside the box. They’re going to be a mastermind, a creative, or anything they hope to be, and they need a name to match those endless possibilities. By starting with your favorites from this Badass Baby Names list, you’ll have the perfect name picked for your renegade in no time.

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