By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
Dark meanings capture the mysterious essence of the unknown and the terrifying. A substantial majority of these baby names include connections to the night, devilry, and folklore of many different breeds. But there is a difference between outright evil and simply eerie connotations with some of these definitions. Some names specifically call upon death, while others might offer a slightly more complicated tale to dive into. These dark names provide the opportunity to look into Dracula folklore, the intricacies of Beelzebub, the deep sadness of Banshees in Irish folklore, and more!

Dark Baby Boy Names

Mysteries are alive and well with these broody baby boy names. Dark baby boy names are just as moody as ever, with definitions referencing dark tales and connotations calling upon the creators themselves. Help yoGuide your little man into his deepest, truest self with a dark name encouraging the flow name to identity all lifelong.

Dark Baby Girl Names

From the queen of the Underworld herself to the stuff of terrifying Irish legends, dark girl names don’t fear things that go bump in the night. More accurately, they wield that mystery and gloom to their advantage and fullest power!

Popular Dark Baby Names

The gothic and horror genres are more popular than ever, meaning dark girl names and dark boy names are fully in the zeitgeist! With these being the millennial parents’ bread and butter, you can rest assured that these names are the cream of the crop, being tried and tested for years.

Unique Dark Baby Names

Though the idea of darkness being pervasive in multiple genres is undoubtedly popular, there are absolutely paths of it still mostly obscured. Going toward those dimly lit corners, you and baby can uncover something deeply magical—metaphorically or realistically! Help baby walk all of life’s less-beaten paths with a distinctly unique dark name to encourage them along the way.
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