Updated May 22, 2022

Gothic baby names are a sight to behold. Taking influences from the gothic period itself and the general aesthetic of goth media, these names have a range of vintage selections often served with a twist. Gothic baby girl and boy names have influences from multiple points throughout several centuries of history and will keep baby’s gothic education a steady flow throughout life.

If your association with gothic baby names is gothic literature or art, these names have you covered! Consider the queens of gothic lit with the Brontë sisters, Emily Dickinson, and, of course, reigning supreme, Mary Shelley. From their characters to their literature motifs, these ladies delivered decadence with every turn of the page. But, of course, gothic literature isn’t exclusive to these tales; Edgar Allan Poe and Bram Stoker had their fair share of lit that changed the world and still changes it today.

But if gothic literature isn’t your reason for perusing gothic baby names, have no fear; the dark aesthetic is here. Names that simply give off the dark academia vibe are equally celebrated in this list! From Grimsleigh and Wolfram to Raven and Onyx, gothic baby names practically beg for a mood board or a starring role in a new drama. Imagine abandoned chateaus, ivy chasing away human-made creations, vampires, and candlelit occasions, and you’re halfway to your gothic paradise.

Gothic culture has been a steady flow since the 12th century. From the revolution of gorgeous ornaments in architecture and art back then to the dark themes embraced in literature in the 18th century to the present day understanding of “Goth,” these names have gravitas. Imbued with cultural movement and history for baby to pride themselves on, gothic baby names are the gifts that keep on giving.

Gothic Baby Names
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