Updated May 08, 2022

Congratulations! Baby is on the way and they’re quickly going to become the coolest person you know. But picking a name is hard, let alone when you have a specific vibe you’re going for and trying to figure out baby’s, too! But have no fear, these aesthetic baby girl and baby boy names will be the stuff of dreams in no time.

So, what is an aesthetic name? Simply put, your aesthetic means whatever you want it to mean. What is the type of style that appeals to you and the lifestyle you want? That’s your aesthetic. Having the pick of cool and modern names has been our approach to this list and we’re sure you’ll find aesthetic names that’ll fit for you, too.

Aesthetic girl names and boy names are beautiful, but the strength in this selection of baby names comes from their modern sensibility with gender neutral names. Undeniably cool aesthetic gender neutral names are influenced by books, cinema, TV shows, and any other number of things. When they result in options like Greer, Bronte, Ryder, and so many more, we could hardly ask for more unique and lovely names for baby!