By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Published March 21, 2024
Fancy baby names know how to take their time; they come from eras and regions where the fanciful nature of things was the height of fashion and high society. These names luxuriate in the time it takes to say them and the definitions that accompany their long and florid ways are just as exquisite. Ranging from highlighting baby’s eternal ruler status to the age-old formidable strength of bulls, these fancy baby girl, boy, and gender-neutral names know exactly how to encourage life to revel in the lap of luxury.

Fancy Baby Boy Names

Fancy boy names are unsurprisingly a bit florid. They excel in ornamentation and vintage affect with their many syllables and links to history. Consider a fancy name for your baby boy to show him all about what life as a gentleman in name and practice is like.

Fancy Baby Girl Names

From the inherent ostentatiousness of royal bloodline names to the selections given a new lease on life, fancy baby girl names are a lifelong adornment. They can be the extra filigree on the already well-decorated life of your sweet little girl! Give her the chance to have luxury follow her all her life with a fancy girl name just as beautiful as she is.

Popular Fancy Baby Names

To go with a popular fancy baby name is to pick one that’s been tried and tested through the ages. They’re the cream of the crop, from the upper crust, the pick of the litter, and everything else you can think of to highlight their superstar status. If you want to give your little one the chance to be the crème de la crème with a popular fancy baby name.

Unique Fancy Baby Names

While unique fancy baby names are still imbued with that singular star power of their popular name counterparts, they make their rounds on the playgrounds less frequently! Part of their inherent luxury comes from their rarity. Unique fancy baby names are the gems waiting to be uncovered and worn in the metaphorical crown atop baby’s head all lifelong.
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