If a particular definition snags your attention and you haven’t found the perfect fit for your newest family member yet, picking a baby name by meaning is the right next step! Baby names with meanings explore different values, well-wishes, and associations any parent could be inspired by. If you’re hoping to use baby’s name as a reminder of key core values, then choosing a baby name by its meaning just makes sense.

Baby Names That Mean “Archer”

With baby on the way, you’re undoubtedly thinking of all the adventures you’re going to have together! And if one of those adventures means baby will have a bow in their hand as soon as they can, then a baby name meaning “archer” will practically nock the arrow for you.

Baby Names That Mean “Bear”

Bears are powerful, unique creatures. If they rightfully rank in your top fave animals, then it’s pretty likely they will for baby, too. Baby names meaning “bear” invite cute nicknames and meaningful connotations in one fell swoop.

Baby Names That Mean “Beautiful”

In choosing a baby name with a specific meaning, you’re choosing to give baby a specific, lifelong reminder. If you want baby to remember they are beautiful inside and out, or perhaps to search the world for the beauty they can find in it, a baby name meaning “beautiful” could be the perfect choice.

Baby Names That Mean “Bird“

A baby name meaning “bird” clearly indicates your appreciation for the free-spirited winged friends in the world and the encouragement you’ll share with baby to test out the sky as the limit.

Baby Names That Mean “Blessing”

Adding a new member to your family, no matter if this is baby number one or seven, is always a blessing! Choose a baby name meaning “blessing” to shine a light on the sweetest gift in your life.

Baby Names That Mean “Butterfly”

Butterflies are delicate but strong, taking miles-long journeys each year and flying despite any adversity thrown at their striking wings. To teach baby this balance of softness and strength or even to just appreciate the symbology of the butterfly is to give them a giant life lesson served on a tiny, beautiful platter.

Baby Names That Mean “Crystal”

If you believe in an inherent power that crystals of different shapes and sizes possess or you just love the unique earthly beauties found round the world, a crystal baby name is a wonderful choice.

Baby Names That Mean “Dark”

Picking a baby name that means “dark” is picking a name that embodies the richness to be found in the world’s mysteries—or in their sweet, dark curls, at least. One of these names will remind baby that they don’t need to be scared of the dark, even when you’re not there to tell them yourself.

Baby Names That Mean “Death”

To consider all baby names is to consider all interests and beliefs in the world. While some cultures might find the idea of death to be all-consuming in a bad way, others don’t! In some beliefs, death is the beginning of a new path and a step to be celebrated. Baby names meaning “death” take all interests—the culturally- and gloomily-inclined alike—into consideration in just a few syllables.

Baby Names That Mean “Dragon”

Is baby going to be bursting with a fiery temper or maybe just a fierce passion? Then a baby name meaning “dragon” should help them rightfully claim their legacy from day one.

Baby Names That Mean “Dream”

A dream has come true; a little one is on their way to make your family feel even more complete! Consider naming baby with one meaning “dream” for the tribute to how special they are from day one.

Baby Names That Mean “Forest”

Baby names meaning “forest” call upon nature itself! They provide inspiration and metaphors aplenty while paying homage to nature's wondrous beauty. Give baby the opportunity to be energized by the vibrant life around them with a forest baby name.

Baby Names That Mean “Fox”

With your clever little trickster on the way, you no doubt need a name that represents their beautiful mind. Consider a baby name meaning fox to highlight that cunning brain—and maybe their red locks!

Baby Names That Mean “Friend”

Knock, knock! That’s the sound of your new best friend arriving! Introducing baby to all of your interests and discovering the person they’re going to be is what friendship is all about. Consider a baby name meaning “friend” to pay an homage to the newest addition to your group of faves.

Baby Names That Mean “Gift from God”

Choosing a name that represents your values just makes sense. If you practice any of the Abrahamic religions, then a baby name that means “gift from God” will help you represent your values every time you call baby’s name.

Baby Names That Mean “God Answers”

Faith can often be the pillar of a person’s life. If you’re choosing to name baby with your faith in mind, then a name with a definition relating to “God answers” could help form the foundation of baby’s faith too.

Baby Names That Mean “God is Gracious”

Raising baby in your faith was probably a no-brainer. But if you want baby to feel just as sure from day one, a baby name reminding them with a definition of “God is gracious” will surely do the trick.

Baby Names That Mean “Grace”

To act towards a person, oneself, or any situation with grace

Baby Names That Mean “Guardian”

To live in this world, finding safe places and people is essential. You can help baby become one of those safe people by giving them a name that means “protector” or “guardian.”

Baby Names That Mean “Happy”

Creating long-lasting happiness is an essential ingredient to a fulfilling life. But that task isn’t always easy, and passing on the lesson certainly isn’t either. But a baby name meaning “happy” could no doubt do a thing or two to remind baby of what to chase in life.

Baby Names That Mean “Healer”

From broken bones to hearts, healing is an essential part of life. Teaching baby how to grow from adversity or to help others do the same can be a lesson begun with a baby name meaning “healer.”

Baby Names That Mean “Hope”

You’ve undoubtedly come across times in life when hope was the only thing that got you through. But remembering that hope is a key ingredient for the making-things-happen recipe can be tough. So give baby a leg up in the game with a name that’ll remember that lesson for them, with a name that means “hope.”

Baby Names That Mean “Hunter”

Plenty of people feel more at home in the great outdoors than tucked up in bed. If you’re one such adventurer, then a baby name meaning “hunter” might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Baby Names That Mean “Joy”

The most joyous time—or times!—in a parent’s life comes with the arrival of baby. You’ve got a brand new best-friend-in-the-making coming, and what better way to celebrate that than to give them a name that embraces the meaning of joy!

Baby Names That Mean “Justice”

Baby is on the way, and that means you have some important lessons to impart very soon! If your sense of justice runs deep, then it’s likely baby’s will too. A baby name meaning “justice” could fan the flames of your little fighter’s heart, even when you’re not there to remind them.

Baby Names That Mean “Kind”

Kindness is a key ingredient to a happy life. This vital lesson will undoubtedly crop up many times throughout baby’s life, so consider a baby name meaning “kind” to do the reminding for you every day.

Baby Names That Mean “Leader”

Your little one is about to arrive and they need a name to set them apart from the rest. In order to get them started with making waves from the very beginning, they need a baby name that kicks down the door—and a baby name meaning “leader” should do the trick!

Baby Names That Mean “Life”

Showing baby that life is meant to be embraced every day with a name that simply means “life” can begin a long journey of seeking fulfillment.

Baby Names That Mean “Lion” and “Lioness”

Your fearsome little one is on the way, and even though it’s not going to sprout a real mane of its own, you can still give them the power of wild ferocity with a baby name meaning “lion” or “lioness.”

Baby Names That Mean “Love”

Loving baby to the moon and back is a no-brainer! But choosing a name requires a little more thinking. However, picking a baby name that means “love” makes that choice infinitely easier.

Baby Names That Mean “Lucky”

No matter what situation you’ve come from or what direction your life is headed, you’ve undoubtedly wished for good luck a time or two. But if baby’s your luckiest charm yet, then a lucky baby name could be your way of returning some of that good favor to your new favorite person.

Baby Names That Mean “Magic”

Is there anything more magical in life then introducing a new little one to your family? Whether you’ve a growing brood or this sweet one is your first, they are undoubtedly bringing magic to your world. Armed with a magical baby name, baby will be reminded of what power is inherently theirs and what opportunities await in this big wide world of mysteries.

Baby Names That Mean “Miracle”

Choosing a name isn’t easy, but when considering the miraculous circumstances under which baby was born, it doesn’t have to be hard! Baby names that mean “miracle” will remind baby of your gratefulness for their arrival every day.

Baby Names That Mean “Moon”

Living by the moon is to live as ancient civilizations did. The giant rock firmly orbiting around the Earth is partly responsible for stable life on Earth. A baby name meaning “moon” will help you and baby capitalize on what the ancients definitely got right.

Baby Names That Mean “New Beginnings”

Ferns are seen symbolically as agents of change and fresh starts. If you want baby to embody the spirit of these and so you both can take on this new life path in stride, then a baby name meaning “new beginnings” will do the trick.

Baby Names That Mean “Night”

Nighttime is when the world goes quiet—well, apart from the restless little one, of course. The night sky and the tranquility of darkening rooms are hyper-specific feelings that every night owl wants to latch onto. Consider a baby name meaning “night” to give baby a sense of peace when the sun sets.

Baby Names That Mean “Noble”

To move through life with a sense of grace and purpose is sometimes difficult. However, names can go a long way to reminding baby of some valuable lifelong lessons. Picking a name meaning “noble” is a sure way to remind them of what kinds of actions to be taking no matter the situation.

Baby Names That Mean “Peace”

Living peacefully can sometimes be challenging. If you struggle with this lesson—but tirelessly try nonetheless—you can teach baby with a peaceful baby name. Baby names meaning “peace” will help provide some much-needed tranquility in your and baby’s daily lives.

Baby Names That Mean “Pure”

A newborn is the purest soul you can find; they’re brand new to this great, wide world and have yet to start adventuring. If you want to help baby hold onto that childhood innocence and new-soul purity, then consider a baby name meaning “pure.”

Baby Names That Mean “Rose”

The only thing that smells better than a delicate summer rose is the delicate scent of baby’s head. But put those hands together and you’ve got the sweetest scent in the world! A baby name meaning “rose” will remind you and baby both of the finest things in life every day.

Baby Names That Mean “Shadow”

Whether a life of mystery is the name of the game for you or you’re just deeply invested in the symbology of it all, a baby name meaning “shadow” will have you looking for the answers in every corner.

Baby Names That Mean “Spirit”

A baby name that invokes those otherworldly imaginings is one that’ll set baby up for being a lifelong philosopher.

Baby Names That Mean “Star”

The stars gleaming in baby’s eyes are unmatched! But even if you haven’t gotten the chance to look into their sweet gaze, the stars are beautiful and fascinating enough to make a star baby name always worth your while.

Baby Names That Mean “Strong”

You’ve been preparing for baby’s arrival, and now it’s time for their name! This choice undoubtedly isn’t the last thing you have to worry about, but it certainly is a big thing. A baby name meaning “strong” can be a reminder of where to pull their inner tenacity from, ensuring the lesson remains even if you’re not around to say it directly.

Baby Names That Mean “Sweet”

The best things in life are sweet. Well, that’s not exactly true. The best thing in life is undoubtedly baby! But put those hands together and you get sweet baby names commemorating your darling little one all life long.

Baby Names That Mean “Time”

One certainty in life and parenthood is that time flies precisely when you’re in a moment you never want to leave. Using baby’s name as a reminder to be present as often as possible with a baby name that means “time.”

Baby Names That Mean “Truth”

You undoubtedly want to teach baby all about the myriad ways in which truth is the cornerstone of good connections and living life in a way that will make them proud. Consider a baby name meaning “truth” to remind them of these lessons no matter where they are.

Baby Names That Mean “Victory”

Teaching baby to fight for themselves and to revel in each of their wins is an important part of life! With every victory comes the back story of learning how to get there, so why not choose a baby name meaning “victory” to highlight this vital track in life.

Baby Names That Mean “Warrior”

If baby is bound to be a fighter in life, then picking a baby name that means “warrior” will recognize their spirit from day one. These names are all about fierceness displayed on real lands, fantasy lands, or by sea—and now, maybe on the playground!

Baby Names That Mean “Wind” and “Sky”

If you feel attuned to Mother Nature or just appreciate the gentle kiss on your cheek from the odd breeze, a baby name meaning “wind” or “sky” will help baby find that connection too.

Baby Names That Mean “Winter,” “Snow,” and “Ice”

Baby names imbued with some frosty winter essence will serve as a subtle reminder to one of the most tranquil seasons. From lush snow blankets to warm times inside—away from the icy rain outside—wintry baby names invoke a sense of coziness, just like your little one.

Baby Names That Mean “Wolf”

Wolf baby names are perfect for the little pup you’re adding to your pack. Baby is going to one day grow up to leave the pack, but starting life with a wolfish baby name will help them feel ready for whatever life throws their way.

Baby Names That Mean “Yellow”

One of the happiest colors out there, yellow makes an energetic impact no matter where it’s found. A yellow baby name will help infuse a certain vibrancy into everyday life for the sweet little one on the way and anyone they meet.

Baby Names with Dark Meanings

The deep dark night is basically a tangible concept at this point, and parents around the world are looking to hold onto it no matter what time of day it is! A baby name with a dark meaning has a whole other world unfolding before you and baby both. So consider one of these eerie names, if you dare!

Shining Baby Names That Mean “Sun”

The sun helps the world go ‘round, literally! And though baby’s shining face won’t literally help in the same way, they certainly will affect your orbit. A baby name meaning “sun” will help baby shine even on the darkest of days, giving them that starborn gravitas you’re looking for.

Smart Baby Names That Mean “Intelligent” or “Wise”

The newborn brain is one made for soaking up knowledge. They learn languages and the difficult realities of becoming a human all at once! If you want give baby your best wishes for a keen mind and a careful wit, then a baby name meaning “intelligent” or “wise” will do the trick.

Soft Baby Names Meaning “Gentle”

Raising baby gently or to be gentle is not the same as raising baby to not fight for what they deserve. These names demonstrate the lesson of handling life calmly and securely, perfectly counterbalancing the rioutous world they’re entering into!