Updated May 12, 2022

Congratulations! Baby is making their way and now you have to pick a name that suits this perfect little human. Two syllables in names is probably the most common amount of syllables when it comes to naming, well, really anything. But what doesn’t have to be common is the name itself. Whether it’s literature, nature, your favorite disney character, or your favorite pop legends, from A-Z we have your needs covered for two syllable baby girl and baby boy names.

Two syllable girl names take influences from a huge array of the beautiful things in life. If your natural instincts are really kicking in then perhaps Cypress, Blossom, or Flora could be a few of the two syllable girl names of your dreams. But these names aren’t only inspired by the great outdoors; plenty of pop culture legends, like Joplin, or strictly musical references, like Cadence, are rich with gorgeous two syllable names.

On the other side of things, Orson, Heathcliff, and Merlin are unique, two syllable baby names for your new little boy. If you’re a lover of literature or fantasy, there are plenty of options rich in stories to inspire baby their whole life. Not only that, but these two syllable boy names are made to help baby stand out in a crowd with plenty of unique twists to classic names.

Though two syllable names generally are common, baby’s two syllable name doesn’t have to be. Trying out the names for yourself by saying them aloud and seeing if it’s exactly what you and baby are looking for is half the fun. The other half of the fun comes from watching baby’s personality develop as a result of the standout name you choose!

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