Other Origin(s):Roman
Meaning:the Fifth
Sharing common ground with the well-known Quentin, Quincy is a Latin gender-neutral name that carries a wealth of symbolism—should you know where to look. Born from the Old Roman name Quintus, Quincy means "the fifth" in reference to the fifth-born child or the day they were born. Numerology forms the very core of Quincy, imbuing it with powerful meaning for those inclined to it. To the Pythagoreans, five symbolized human life and a touch of the rebellious by virtue of their late discovery of a fifth Platonic solid. In popular culture, Coco Chanel held five in such high esteem as a figure of luck she named her iconic fragrance in its honor. Across spirituality, physiology, and astronomy, five holds great significance. Of course, each pales in comparison to how much young Quincy means to you.

Famous People Named Quincy

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  • Quincy Jones Jr
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