By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
Strength and power are key ingredients to making it in this whirlwind world. For baby to not only just survive, but to thrive, they’ll need every little bit to help—all the way down to their name! Call upon the inherent encouragement that these myriad definitions and worldly origins can provide for your little tyke taking on the world. Strong and powerful baby girl, boy, and gender-neutral names when paired with your fierce kid are names ready to take the bull by the horns all lifelong.

Strong & Powerful Baby Boy Names

Your little man will be told all his childhood how to grow big and strong, but these strong and powerful baby boy names can remind him to nurture his growth well into adulthood too! From warriors to the enduring power of the sun, baby won’t ever lack inspiration for strengthening themselves in every area of their life.

Strong & Powerful Baby Girl Names

Girls are at their strongest when given the space to flourish and grow into the truest version of themselves, so a strong and powerful baby girl name just makes sense! These names take into account strengths obvious and subtle alike, with everything from flowers to warriors as connotations to choose from.

Popular, Strong & Powerful Baby Names

Everyone wants their little one to thrive in life, and to do that they need to be strong! But where popular strong and powerful baby names stand apart from the rest is their tried-and-true nature! These names have been proven across time, through fact and fiction, as bearers of power. Give baby a name embodying strength with one of these more popular selections.

Unique, Strong & Powerful Baby Names

The path through life is never easy, but if you find a creative solution, you can cut through paths you never dreamed of before! Help baby skip a step or two with a unique, strong, and powerful baby name. These names highlight the tenacity ready to burst out of your little one in just a few syllables.

Strong & Powerful Mythological Baby Names

Who’s better at encouraging strength and power than the various pantheons themselves? From the Greek and Roman gods to the Norse and Irish deities and legends, strong and powerful mythological baby names have ample muses for baby. They tell the stories written in the stars and the ones nearly lost to time, giving you and baby colorful tales to inspire you all lifelong.

Creative, Strong & Powerful Baby Names

Creativity adds a little zest to all of life’s adventures. Teach baby how to cut through the hardest obstacles with a reminder to think outside the box. Their name can spin a tale to get those mental juices flowing, or the definition can help keep them on track! No matter how far their creativity takes them in life, one of these names will help baby on the path truest to themselves.
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