Other Origin(s):German, Hebrew
Meaning:Warm, hot; Harmless; Raised by God
Ahim is a masculine name with Sanskrit, German, and Hebrew roots to give your little one plenty of inspiration throughout their life. Coming from the Sanskrit word Ahima, it can translate to “warm” or “hot.” Whether baby has a warm, kind spirit or prefers hot, summer day, this name can make for a great fit. Ahim mas also come from the Sanskrit word Ahimsa, meaning “harmless.” In various Indian religions, like Buddhism and Hinduism, Ahimsa is all about being harmless and nonviolent towards all living beings. This can be a great name choice if you want to encourage baby to treat everyone and everything with kindness and respect. In addition, Ahim can act as a variant of the German and Hebrew name Achim, which translates to “raised by God.” For a name that helps you connect your little one to your faith and keeps their confidence high, Ahim can make for an elevated choice.

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