Meaning:ever or eternal ruler; ruler of elves; lion of God
Arik is a boy’s name that might just have the most badass meanings imaginable. The name appears in several languages and cultures, all of which have their own unique and unforgettable interpretations. When it is Norse in origin, Arik means “ever or eternal ruler” and sets baby up to be a leader throughout his life. As a variant of the Hebrew name Ariel, it means “lion of God.” But perhaps most strikingly, Arik is also a diminutive of the Old High German name Alberich, which means “ruler of elves.” Alberich is a dwarf in Old German mythology, and was later the name of a character in Richard Wagner’s magnum opus, Der Ring Des Nibelung. Pick the meaning that speaks to you and give baby Arik a truly fantastical start to life.
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