Other Origin(s):German, Greek
Meaning:Free man; Core; Heart; Maiden; Rose garden
Coraline is a girl's name of Latin, Greek, and German origin. With unique inspiration embedded into each syllable, this striking pick has lots to say! Many believe that Coraline is a respelling of the German name Caroline, a feminine variant of Charles, meaning "free man." However, the two vintage gems, Cora and Rosalie, would argue their beauty outshines the others! Cora translates to "core," "heart," and "maiden" in Greek, while Rosalie brings French flair with its meaning of "rose garden." Either way, this name has been capturing hearts since the 2009 release of the film Coraline, an adaptation of the 2002 novel by Neil Gaiman_._ It still owes its mysterious yet undeniably beautiful persona to the film's dark fantasy themes.
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