Published November 11, 2021

When it comes to bringing a baby into your life, most parents can empathize with the struggle of striving to give them a unique experience. This can come in many different shapes and sizes, but one of the quickest ways to really nail it is to give baby an uncommon name. Picking what used to be a last name as a first name will help baby carve out their own specific path in life, just like you did!

Throughout history there have been dozens of surnames turned into forenames. A last name first name traditionally has allowed maiden names to live on in a truly significant way. But now they can be anything from repurposed ancestry names plucked from the family tree to they just sound cool and want baby to have it.

These are also excellent choices for the parent seeking a gender neutral name! Last names didn’t have a gender assigned to them previously, so these names can be repurposed for whatever needs you may have. Names like Cameron, Kelly, and Quinn are gorgeous places to start and will lead you down the path of giving baby ties to either some seriously cool backgrounds or the deep roots of your ancestry.

Baby’s path in life will be uniquely their own regardless. But giving them a little headstart with a name not often heard on the playground certainly wouldn’t hurt. Last name first names are creative and memorable, just like baby.

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