Updated May 08, 2022

Congratulations! You’re adding a little one to your family and commemorating the times they were born feels essential. But sometimes a heady task like that can feel overwhelming. Luckily, we understand you perfectly here at The Bump! Giving baby a name that just screams 21st century makes perfect sense to us. With this list of 21st century baby girl and baby boy names, you’ll have the name of your dreams in no time.

There are plenty of 21st century baby names that would make an excellent choice for baby. With their wide array of unique influences and truly interesting points of inspiration, finding a name is as easy as scrolling through TikTok. One of the great aspects about the modern age of names is the selection of gender neutral names as well as girl names and boy names.

And a couple more of the many easy-to-love things about 21st century names is that they’re often influenced by nature’s goodness or they are unique versions of classic names you love. Speaking naturally, Cosmo, Cedar, and Juniper are divine 21st century name choices. But on the flipside, these more classic names experiencing a surge of popularity with its modern twists are Lincoln as a gender neutral name, or Caspian like from C.S. Lewis’s series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

A 21st century name for the modern baby just makes sense. We all know baby is going to be unabashedly cool and unique, and they should have a name that helps their personality shine all day, every day. Browsing through this list will have you and baby well prepared to be the coolest kids on the block from day one.