Updated May 22, 2022

Baby’s little laugh will be like music to the ears, so why not give them a name to represent that? Music is a global language. Having a musical baby name is like giving roots in history and connections to one of the universal joys of life. Musical baby girl and boy names are full of energy and purpose and will aid baby all throughout life.

Just like music all over the world is varied and beautiful, so are all the babies with musical names. Inspired by instruments, musical notation, composers, songbirds, and a number of other musically driven definitions, these musical names come in themes and variations to love. For all you know, baby could be an energetic Amadeus or a Piccolo.

But on the flip side, you might be looking for subtler musical homages. Though the root words in Odele and Cadeo are clear, they present opportunities for baby to make the name something their own, too! An ode represents dedication and a cadence represents a masterful conclusion of ideas. With baby having these notions embedded into their name, they’ll be just as innovative and clever as you no doubt dream they’ll be.

No matter your reason for choosing a musical name for baby, you’ll have the best of the best to choose from. Musical baby names come bursting with energy and sweet connotations of one of the best things on earth—music! The only thing definitively better than music has to be baby coming into your life, so why not combine those ideas for a true masterpiece.