Updated May 12, 2022

Whether you’re already a parent or this is your first adventure, you no doubt already want to be cuddling baby every second of the day. But even when cuddling becomes less frequent, we never want baby to forget how much they’re loved and cherished. Cozy baby girl and baby boy names come in all different shapes and sizes, just like all the beautiful babies of the world!

Cozy names are so much more than just the definition of softness and gentleness. These names evoke rich imagery that will make you feel like there’s a lit fire inside and a crisp breeze outside. By pulling influences from nature, you’re keeping baby wrapped up tight by mother nature herself. We couldn’t imagine cozier names than that.

However, if your notion of cozy names feels a lot like soft names, this list has you covered there, too! Julinha, Damarios, and Halim are wonderful examples of those sweet names you can latch onto. Simply because you chose it for your darling little one, soft names can come from any number of influences and are all the more special for it.

These names carry the gift of comfort and unique experiences. Rest assured, baby will be proverbially swaddled well into adulthood with a cozy name that means something special to you both. A name is carried with you every day of your life, so picking one that denotes imagery that’s always going to be special is certainly an excellent place to start.

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