Meaning:To entertain; Home
Ina is a gender-neutral name of multiple origins. Although it’s more popularly used as a girl name, there are historical records that prove Ina was once a boy name also. Today, there is some confusion over the origins of Ina, as it is so widely present in a diverse array of cultures and languages. From Filipino to Dutch to Japanese to Welsh and as a diminutive form of other beautiful baby names like Regina, Edwina, and even Agnes, this name has been loved worldwide. But in Anglo-Saxon English, Ina is a baby name that means “to entertain” and “home,” giving this charming and uncommon name a place of its own. Parents with ties to Wales or ancestors abroad will undoubtedly fall in love with Ina, as the name connotes an idea that means something to us all: home and a sense of belonging.
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