Meaning:industrious, work; gentle strength, brave strength; rival
Milly is a feminine name of Latin, Old English, Old German, and Old French origins that is rich with meaning to inspire baby. While it has been used as a shortened form of many different names, it acts as an adorable name in its own right. Coming from the German names Amelia or Millicent, it means “industrious” or “work,” which is sure to remind baby to strive throughout their life. If you prefer to think of the Old English name Mildred, its meaning of “gentle strength” will definitely pay homage to baby’s delicate soul. If you want baby to have a bit of an edge, Milly also acts as a nickname for Emilie, which means “rival.” Whether baby grows up to be hardworking, gracefully brave, or searching for the next challenge, the name Milly will fit them wonderfully.
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