Meaning:Blue crested bird
Jayla is a girl’s name of loosely Latin origin. Owing to it’s invention in the mid-1990s, this trendy title hasn’t got a clear meaning of it’s own. That being said, they “Jay-” prefix seen in many names that rose to popularity at the turn of the century refers to the jaybird. This delicate, blue-crested bird is native to North America, where these names appear to be most popular. From the time she is born until she is ready to fly the nest, this little girl can be inspired by the gentle beauty of the bird to spread her wings and begin her own adventure. The name can also be connected to a few other cultures, translating to “victory” in Sanskrit, “happy” in Latin, and “heal” in Greek. With so much positivity in her name, Jayla will have plenty left to share with those she meets along her journey.
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